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Surgical Errors and Nerve Damage

Surgical Errors and Nerve Damage

When you go into the hospital for surgery, a simple error can cause permanent damage that may change your entire life.

What is Nerve Damage?

Depending on the location, nerve damage can range from mild to severe. Broken bones and cuts can result in damage to the nerves and can lead to muscle weakness, deformity, numbness and hypersensitivity. Anesthesia can also cause nerve damage, and the resulting discomfort can be temporary or disabling. Improper injection of local anesthesia can be damaging when injected medications accidentally injure the nerve tissue. An epidural shot given wrong can also result in nerve damage if the spinal cord is injured by the injection. If a hospital staff member leaves an anesthetized patient in one position for an extended period of time, blood flow to the nerves can become blocked and cause damage.

Complications from Nerve Damage

The most unfortunate part of these situations is that nerve damage can result in even more medical problems that could have been avoided with just a little more care. If the nerve damage is at all treatable, additional surgeries will require even more recovery time. Delays in treatment can cause permanent problems. One neglectful error can lead to a new, unnecessary arrival of pain.

On top of the physical and emotional suffering, medical costs for treatment can threaten someone’s financial security. Disabilities may also ruin a person’s career. All of these problems are not the patient’s fault, so why should they have to pay?

We Can Help

It is the responsibility of the hospital and its employees to ensure that patients are treated without preventable complications. However, when the hospital system and its employees fail to provide a person with adequate treatment, they must take responsibility. If you or a loved one suffered from nerve damage because of a careless mistake in the hospital, Anapol Schwartz wants to hear what happened.

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